Unit Conversion

JBC Studio provides precision CAD drawing services for all engineering conversions, architectural, and CAD conversions for commercial and residential projects. Converted drawings are re-drawn meticulously with great attention to detail, resulting in a dimensionally accurate, AIA layered, 1:1 full-scale CAD file ready for use in the software package of your choice.

We offer a wide variety of ISO / ANSI CAD conversion services.

Drawing unit conversion (To any format)
It is said that there has been close to 300 different length and distance units used as a reference or convention to express linear dimension over time. Whether it’s Metric, Imperial, Marine, Aviation, Surveying or even Scientific distance units from ancient times or modern, we convert and accurately redraw to your unit of choice.

File format conversion (Any conceivable CAD software package)
We provide CAD Data Migration services in which migrating CAD data modelled in one CAD software to another. The original models will be used for non-intrusive reference & form comparison. No matter which software package you use, if it’s vectors we can convert it.

Advanced drawing layer & plot style table management
We use AIA layering conventions or custom layering systems to neatly organize jumbled CAD data from any source and further provide custom plot style tables to industry standard plotting guidelines.