Architectural Design

Architectural Design is the art of interpreting the needs and requirements of each of our individual clients and the creation of a product that is both visually beautiful as well as practical in its primary use. We have extensive knowledge about building design, global architectural trends as well as the planning of interior spaces and we are well positioned to offer our clients striking, but pragmatic design solutions as well as professional and efficient technical documentation to achieve a great final product.

Architectural design is the initial stage design & planning of buildings or urban landscapes, as opposed to the construction & technical documentation required to construct it. We use our creative skills, imagination and artistic talent to ensure beautiful and unique designs.

Depending on each client’s unique requirements, our sketch designs are presented as professional hand drawn sketches, CAD design plans, elevations and/or where practicable, we use 3D architectural imaging to show off the design of the proposed building exteriors and internal spaces.

Please view our architectural design portfolio or contact us to discuss your proposed project. For more CAD resources: Architectural CAD block library