3D Visualization & Rendering

The architectural industry has developed significantly throughout the past decade, and the biggest advancements have been made due to architectural visualization, also known as 3D rendering. At JBC architecture studio, we specialize in the development of high quality 3D architectural visualization, rendering, texturing and animation services.

With the help of state-of-the-art modelling and rendering software, our clients’ designs are modelled in 3D, rendered and then converted to high-res digital formats used to represent the finished look of the product. This kind of virtual representation is beneficial for architects, contractors and industry related professionals as well as their clients.

By making use of our professional services as an outsourcing partner, our clients can present or market their designs easily. This makes it more attractive to their potential clients and allow them to better visualize finishes and how people interact with spaces, lighting and flow. Once models are created in 3D, there are limitless possibilities for walkthroughs and virtual tours which can add value to your marketing, advertising, and creative needs. Our past 3D rendering projects have spanned various industries including residential, corporate, medical, product design and much more.