3D CAD Modelling

JBC Architectural Studio provide a wide range of professional architectural 3D CAD and BIM modelling services to our customers to aid the design, planning and visualisation phase of construction projects and component design. Our portfolio includes interior and exterior models for offices, shopping centres, hospitals, airports, hotel complexes, transport infrastructure, residential developments and components. Our range of architectural 3D modelling services includes the following:

3D Revit BIM Models
Using Autodesk Revit Architecture, we create intelligent Revit BIM models (Building Information Models) for a range of architectural projects. As a database-driven parametric modelling utility, Autodesk Revit offers a number of enhanced advantages to provide greater control and accuracy to the design stage of projects.

3D CAD Building Models
We create 3D building models using Autodesk Revit and/or AutoCAD Architecture for architects, consulting engineers, structural engineers and contractors. Using 2D layout plans and elevations as a starting point, we create entire architectural and structural building models to exact standards and specifications. We also create 3D model libraries (using AutoCAD or Revit) for all equipment, fixtures, fittings and furniture within construction and engineering domains.